Ea-corporations Oy is a finnish company that consists of three different companies. Two of the companies operate in Finland; EA-corporations Oy and Technologycentre of Finland. The EA-corporations OÜ which is located in Estonia operates in the Baltic countries.

We are a growing company which has chiefly works in the area of import of technical supplies, trade and installationservice. The companies have european contacts and EU-accepted products. The benefits of conglomerate are wide knowledge, skills and good equipment. We especially concentrate on repairs and maintenance also in the customers’ domains. The installationservice holds a strong position in our operation.

We also work as the subcontractor and expert of technical area. We carry out designs and consultation of technology, guidance, traffic and installation aswell.

The staff consists of skilled people that have experience of different projects in Finland, Europe and Eastern Europe. Our company is hundred percent finnish.


EA-YHTIÖT OY  |  Julkujärvi  |  FINLAND  |   myynti(at)  |  +358 45 239 7591